I am a contemporary dance, composition and pilates teacher.
In my work as trainer, I started to integrate fascial and somatic principles with movement knowledges in all type of classes.
Training through images and tactile experiences, sensing the body moving in space tracing trajectories from inside to the outside, are the points of my agenda.
I like helping people and dancers experiencing movement, feeling the body and improve their movement quality and economy by bringing consciousness at their action.

I trained at SEAD and Laban, and danced and experienced movement all my entire life!

Danced for:  : Vita Osojinic (Slo); Ewa Bankovska( Poland), Milli Bitterli (Austria),Ori Flomin (Usa), Jessica Bravo Pena (Usa), Marttaleena Nikkari (Finland), Antonio Carallo (Italy), MK / Michele di Stefano (Italy), Nicola Galli ( Italy), Marcos Morau/La Veronal (Spain), Romeo Castellucci / Societas Raffaello Sanzio

My ” teacher” Bio:
From 2006 contemporary dance, improvisation and composition teacher at Studio del Movimento dance school in Budrio (Bologna).
From 2013 pilates trainer at Equilibrio Pilates Studio in Imola ( Bologna)
From 2016 contemporary tecnique and composition teacher at
Centro del Balletto / ENDAS Casalecchio di Reno ( Bologna)