Becoming Animal

Becoming Animal is a choreographic project which focuses on the concept of body transformation through movement.
How can we transform the body? How can we shape it?
Taking as an example the deleuzian concept of “becoming”, the body of the performer will pass through a transformation process and move away from the principle of imitation. The deleuzian “Becoming Animal” is a movement of continuous exchange and hybridization between man and animal that happens in daily behaviors and questions the distance between the two subjects.
Animals are human and humans have something wild in their inside. This condition reveals itself in their actions, in their qualities and abilities.

The body of the performer transforms itself and meets the animal in the expression his specific abilities. The performer will be pushed and provoked by the music played live, in order to reveal the animal inside her and have the both entities, the human and the animal, living at the same time and space.
This creates a set of abstract images which will give life to a visual landscape.
The latter won’t be only human, but also animal, fantastic, iconic.

It is not an animal metamorphosis, but the achievement of a “non-identity”, a condition of freedom.The animal mixes with the human in a movement of hybridization and continuous exchange.
Starting form this concept the project is also influenced and dedicated to all the Rock icons which have used, transformed and pushed their body to the extreme. Their body did not have a genre anymore and seemed alien.
The animal becomes “stage animal” and the body has been used as a means to convey a message of rebellion agains society.


  • Concept and dance: Alice Bariselli
  • Choreographic Assistance: Camilla Monga
  • Sound and Music: Elisa Garbo
  • Light design: Alessio Guerra


  • Ass.Cult Nexus / Compagnia Simona Bertozzi
  • CSC - Centro per la Scena Contemporanea - Bassano del Grappa
  • Teatro Consorziale - Budrio (Bologna)
  • Torri dell’ Acqua - Budrio (Bologna)
  • Studio del Movimento Budrio (Bologna)
  • Fienile Fluo’ / Crexida
  • Progetto H(abiTa)t rete di spazi per la danza
  • Associazione Culturale Danza Urbana Bologna